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Ubuntu has Python libraries installed and cannot run command not found from the command line

2022-07-25 10:30:20Haulyn5


For example, the library is installed runlike , But enter the command directly and prompt after entering Command not found, Refer to the following solutions .( take runlike Replace with the name of the library you installed )

programme 1:

If you only need to execute once , In a hurry, you can use this one-time solution . Add  ~/.local/bin, Use absolute path . Examples of the original command and the modified corresponding command are as follows .

#runlike   Using the command directly will prompt  command not found,  Add the previous path according to the following command to successfully execute 

programme 2:

Once and for all , Direct will ~/.local/bin/ Path join PATH, In this way, it will be retrieved in this path when executing relevant commands .

export PATH="$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH"


Need to use recently docker, Long ago run The container of , Want to run A similar , Then I found it runlike library , Requirements can be fulfilled .runlike It's a python The library of , But the execution is directly in bash Internal input runlike Executive . However, the actual operation encountered Command not found.

At first, it was speculated that python2 and python3 Problems with multiple versions , But in fact, it's not . The general reason is linux Next , Executable scripts are put into  ~/.local/bin This directory . However, this directory has not been added PATH, So lead to bash The program couldn't find runlike. Students who are not familiar with script programming can add PATH Relevant knowledge .

Maybe the wrong roast :Python2 Total abandonment ,Python3 Many versions stop supporting 2022 year ,Ubuntu Use pip and python And mark python3 perhaps pip3, tired .

Roast again : What does the quality of the new article suggest ……It looks like it discriminates against blogs with less than 1000 words.

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