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Python solve the problem of slow download and installation of Pip

2022-07-25 11:25:42fatfatmomo

Give Way PIP Source uses domestic image , Improve download speed and installation success rate .

about Python For development users ,PIP It's common to install software packages . But the download speed of foreign source is too slow , A waste of time . And there are often installation errors after downloading . So the PIP Replace the installation source with the domestic image , Can greatly improve the download speed , The installation success rate can also be improved .

Domestic source :

new edition ubuntu Required https Source , it is to be noted that .

tsinghua :

Alibaba cloud :

University of science and technology of China

Huazhong University of technology :

Shandong University of technology : 

douban :

Temporary use :

Can be used in pip When adding parameters -i

for example :pip install -i pyspider, In this way, you can install the image from Tsinghua pyspider library .

Permanent modification , Once and for all :

Linux Next , modify ~/.pip/pip.conf ( No create a folder and file . Folder to add “.”, Means to hide the folder )

The contents are as follows :

index-url =

windows Next , Directly in user Create a pip Catalog , Such as :C:\Users\xx\pip, New file pip.ini. Same as above .

Or do not replace the installation source , Try a stupid way :pip --default-timeout=1000 install -u xxx (xxx Name the package you want to install )

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