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Django web development 03. Install Django module and create App, operating and closing

2022-08-06 10:32:27Jay_fearless

1. Enter the command in the Pycharm console

pip install django

After that, check for the following two files:
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If there are any, the installation is successful.

2. Create a project

1. Determine which directory the project is placed in and enter that folder

2.cmd enters the console

3. Console input execute the following command form

django-admin.exe installation path startproject project name

C:\Users\13529\PycharmProjects\test01\files>C:\Users\13529\PycharmProjects\test01\venv\Scripts\django-admin.exe startproject mysite
After that, check whether the directory file already has a django project package:

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Initial project structure:

3.Django App

A project can have multiple apps, and each app can correspond to a function:

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First go to our project folder mysite in the console in Pycharm, and then enter the following command to create app01:

python startapp app01

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The created App project structure is basically as follows:
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After that, we write a test page function index in of app01:

from django.http import HttpResponsefrom django.shortcuts import render# Create your views here.def index(request):return HttpResponse("Welcome")
Then write a path(URL, function) in mysite's urls to form a mapping relationship:

from django.urls import pathfrom app01 import viewsurlpatterns = [# path('admin/',,# -> functionpath('index', views.index),]

4. Django project startup and shutdown

First use the cd command to enter the project path in the console, and then run the following command in the Pycharm console:

python runserver

After the project is started, we test the following page jumps:

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successfully entered the page index:

insert image description here

Press the Ctrl + C keys to close the project:

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