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Python---- Monte Carlo method to find Π, stopwatch function

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Monte Carlo Π:

Sector area/square area=points in sector/points in square

time.process_time(): Press the stopwatch function

time.process_time(): Lift the stopwatch function

#Import time, random libraryimport randomimport time#square area is 1, sector area=pi*1/4=n/m ==》 pi=4*n/m# Sector area/unit square area = number of points in sector area/total number of points in unit squaren=eval(input())#Enter the total number of pointsm=0time.process_time()#Press the stopwatch function.for i in range(n):x=random.random()y=random.random()if (x**2+y**2)**(1/2)<=1: #Determine whether the generated point is within the sectorm+=1pi=4*m/nprint(time.process_time())#lift stopwatch 0,print(pi)

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